Bastille - Bad Blood *Extended Cut* (Full Album)

Benny Goodman - Stompin’ At The Savoy

Rhapsody In Blue: George Gershwin


Louis Armstrong: Mack the knife


Something to listen to while you rush to try and do everything ever this holiday season.

Now this is a great example of taking a concept and creating that sense of the feelings associated with that concept. bravo, well done.

On Modern Composition

I think today people worry to much about what people want to hear and not enough about what their music, music not just lyrics, are saying. It’s a damn shame really. I try to find interesting new compositions and one of the biggest concerns I see is I hope you’ll like it. Not I like this because… There’s a big difference there and the emotionality of music needs to be explored to greater deal. Modern technologies have opened up this entire new mind blowingly large repertoire of sounds to people. Yet we treat music as a prat of the media of a message and not the medium for that most difficult message. Emotion.

Loud Ponder


So I’ve been getting more and more interested in composing music, and I got my hands on Logic Pro, so I’ve been fiddling around on that for a while now. This particular piece is something I’ve been messing with for the past couple of hours. I didn’t think of a title for it until now. I hope it sounds nice.

There’s definitely something here. A fair bit of refinement and don’t worry about what people want to hear, make something that speaks to you. That will accomplish everything.

The video from the previous post, the Viola organista played for the first time in history.